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Methods of accident analysis and compiling of accident reports

The investigation of accidents and dangerous occurrences is an integral part of safety work for a responsible railway operator. The importance of this work is further enforced by national and international laws, decrees and directives. The aim of these investigatory duties is to learn more about certain system liabilities in order to continuously improve the safety levels in railway operation.

Bild: Spurenaufnahme an WeicheIn Germany the government has assigned the responsibility of safety work to the managers of the railway companies as well as to the regulating authorities.

The staff of the IfEV does accident analyses for legal authorities. Our staff use these work experiences in order to develop structured methods for accident analyses and reports.



  • Bosse, Gunnar; Lemke, Oliver
    Beispielhafte Anwendung einer formalen Unfallanalysemethode
    ZEVrail Glasers Annalen 130 (2006) 6-7, S. 236-249

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