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Nano-Technology in Polymer Matrix for Composite Improvements

General objective of nano technology in the polymer composite field is the use of nano-sized fillers for improving physical properties like higher impact resistance, lower shrinkage, lower permeability, UV protection, transparency, higher surface protection and higher flame resistance.

Powder and nano partcle mixing: Dispemat, Ultra Turrax

Powders: Al2O3, Nano clay, TiO2, Y:ZrO2 (10-20 nanometer diameter particles)

Surface Modification: plasma treatment, chemical surfactant

Reactivity & Functionality: Bruker Equinox 55 FT-IR spectrometer

Rheology / Viscosity: rotation and Kegel-plate geometry viscosimeters

Particle Distribution / Agglomerization: Malvem Nanosizer S

Wettability: contact angle

  aktualisiert am 27.02.2017
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