1. Four-dimensional compact projective planes admitting an affine Hughes group
    with Hauke Klein and Norbert Knarr.
    (Version of April 5th 2000)
    ps (294k) � ps.gz (106k) � ps.zip (106k)
  2. Self-orthogonal compact spreads and unitals in topological translation planes
    with H. Löwe and Emine Soytürk.
    (Version of Dec. 6th 1999)
    ps (100k) � ps.gz (40k) � ps.zip (40k)
  3. Non-classical 4-dimensional Minkowski planes obtained as brothers of semiclassical 4-dimensional Laguerre planes
    with G. F. Steinke.
    ps (310k) � ps.gz (117k) � ps.zip (117k)
  4. Nonexsistence of disjoint Baer subplanes
    ps (742k) � ps.gz (206k) � ps.zip (308k)
  5. Branching numbers of Euclidean projections onto convex polyhedra
    ps (68k) � ps.gz (28k) � ps.zip (28k)
  6. Affine Hughes groups acting on 4-dimensional projective planes
    ps (170k) � ps.gz (65k) � ps.zip (65k)
  7. Unitals in topological affine translation planes need not be strictly convex
    with H. Löwe and E. Soytürk.
    ps (278k) � ps.gz (78k) � ps.zip (78k)
  8. Affine line systems in finite dimensional vector spaces
    with G.F. Steinke and H. Van Maldeghem.
    ps (159k) � ps.gz (61k) � ps.zip (61k)
  9. Partition surfaces and ovals in topological translation planes
    with D. Betten (Kiel)
    ps (119k) � ps.gz (47k) � ps.zip (47k)
  10. Mathematical table turning
    with B. Baritompa, B. Polster and M. Ross
    pdf (612k)
  11. Actions of R.SL2~R on Laguerre planes related to the Moulton planes
    with G. Steinke
    ps (467k)
    Finale Version im Journal of Lie Theory: www.heldermann.de
  12. Eudoxos, Dedekind und Cantor: Die Geburt des heutigen Zahlbegriffs Word-Datei (doc, 3 MByte)
  13. Blowing up points and embedding flat stable planes in the nonorientable compact surface of genus one
    with E. Soyturk and G. Steinke
    PDF (pdf, 222 KByte)
  14. A local characterization of smooth projective planes
    with S. Immervoll and I. Pupeza
    PDF (pdf, 226 KByte)
  15. Substituting compact disks in stable planes
    PDF (pdf, 165 KByte)

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