1. Shear Planes
    ps (191k)   ps.zip (70k)
  2. Symmetric planes with non-classical tangent translation planes
    ps (96k)   ps.zip (39k)
  3. Stable kinematic planes and sharply 2-transitive Lie groups
    ps (174k)   ps.zip (64k)
  4. Noncompact, almost simple groups operating on locally compact, connected translation planes
    ps (206k)   ps.zip (78k)
  5. A rough classification of symmetric planes
    ps (215k)   ps.zip (79k)
  6. Self-orthogonal compact spreads and unitals in topological translation planes
    with R. Löwen and Emine Soytürk.
    ps (100k)   ps.zip (40k)
  7. Zerfallende symmetrische Ebenen mit großem Radikal (PhD thesis)
    ps (865k)   ps.zip (301k)
  8. The classification of connected symmetric planes (Habilitationsschrift)
    ps (940k)   ps.zip (315)
  9. Noncompact Subgroups of the Reduced Stabilizer of a Locally Compact, Connected Translation Plane
    (Version of May 17th 2001)
    ps (153k)   ps.zip (60k)
  10. Sixteen--dimensional locally compact translation planes admitting SL(2,H) as a group of collineations
    (Version of March 21th 2002)
    ps (144k)   ps.zip (55k)
  11. Unitals in topological affine translation planes need not be strictly convex
    with R. Löwen and E. Soytürk.
    ps (278k)   ps.zip (78k)

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