Changes in responsibilities

From September 1st 2018 your written confirmation about your successful participation in the graduate program of the Department of Life Sciences will be issued by the GradTUBS graduate academy. Three years after introduction of the cross-faculty graduate program, this task will be centrally organized.
For you, this simply means there will be new contact persons: from September 1st on, the colleagues of GradTUBS will take over. In future, they will be the ones who can answer your questions concerning credit points und certificates. You can contact them via Email (gradtubs@tu-braunschweig.de); more contact details can be found on the GradTUBS homepage.
For your Grad.Life activities to be accredited you need a certificate of attendance. These certificates are already written and can be collected or send to a business address at the TU Braunschweig until November 30th 2018. Please contact Ms Simone Karrie.
We wish you good luck and success for your PhD and all the best!

Graduiertenakademie GradTUBS

Since October 2015, the GradTUBS Graduate Academy offers all PhD students from all disciplines and faculties at the TU Braunschweig support as they work towards their PhD degree.

In this regard Grad.Life will no longer offer PhD trainings. GradTUBS is now responsible for the course programme. You can find all offered trainings and information about GradTUBS on the webpage https://www.tu-braunschweig.de/gradtubs.

However, there will be no change of terms on which you participate in the graduate program. All courses, workshops, scientific and educational activities will be approved on usual terms. That also applies to events you already participated in. For more information please see the Grad.Life Credit Point System in our Download section: https://www.tu-braunschweig.de/grad-life/grad-life

Summer Networking of mentoring programs in 2014

This year's Summer Networking-Event organized by our university's six mentoring programs was held the 2nd of July. Sunny weather, cold beverages, and a pleasant atmosphere greatly supported the event to be successful: a lot of new contacts were made by both, mentors and mentees and the event's networking goal was perfectly reached. Learn more about the  guests’ excellent feedback and the event here.

3rd Innovation-Workshop

Grad.life's third workshop on innovation and creativity took place -once again highly successful for both PhD students and a local enterprise - on the 18th and 19th of February. During the workshop both theory on creative problem solving and the practical transfer onto a real problem helped to acquire knowledge on creatity and innovation.

Grad.Life-Symposium on Female Leadership

The Grad.Life-Symposium of Female Leadership, taking place on the 29th november, was appreciated greatly by the heterogenous audience - PhD students, master students, and practioners. Introduced by Prof. Kauffeld, two scientific speakers - Prof. Peus and Dr. Korek - first presented research results on female leadership. Our scientific speakers and a male leadership expert then discussed leadership issues such as critical success factors and the do's and don'ts of female careers concretely and entertaining. A great success!

Summer Networking of mentoring programs in 2013

On the 4th of July, this year's Summer Networking of the TU-mentoring programs took place. More than 90 mentees, mentors, and alumni belonging to the 5 mentoring programs of the TU Braunschweig were invited - including those of the Grad.Life mentoring program. Guests enjoyed the wonderful weather and event at the beach of the Okercabana. A repetition of this successful event is planned for 2014.

Top 3

Grad.Life has also evaluated its trainings from the first quarter of 2013. Overall, with excellent grades! The Top 3 of the 11 training sessions in the first quarter of 2013 includes the trainings (1) Business Etiquette (2) Rhetorics and Vocal Training, and (3) Scientific Writing. What is it all about? – In the business etiquette training, participants learn how your personal look and style influences everyday-business and that polite and adequate manner leads to succes. In the rhetoric and vocal training, the focus is on body language, posture, and gestures in presentations and how they affect the audience. Practicing Scientific Writing in turn, prepares doctoral students for the requirements associated with their doctoral thesis and explains primarily the process of writing itself. More about the current trainings of Grad.Life can be found here.


News about Prof. Dr. Martin Korte

Prof. Dr. Martin Korte, project manager of Grad.Life, was elected to the board of FK2 and leads, in collaboration with Dr. Hoffmann the AG3. Congratulations!


News about Prof. Dr. Simone Kauffeld

In November, Prof. Dr. Simone Kauffeld (project manager of Grad.Life), became Vice President for Teaching, Training and Education of the Technical University. The Vice President for Teaching, Training and Education is fundamentally responsible for the entire process of allocation and use of tuition fees.

Grad.Life in numbers: Statistics 2011-2013

More than 300 doctoral students from all six departments of the Faculty 2 are currently officially registered at Grad.Life, collecting 12 credit points via interdisciplinary trainings and scientific activities for a successful participation in the Grad.Life program.
So far, two four-day summer schools were held, each with a dozen different workshops. In addition, more than 20 trainings per year, half a dozen methods workshops, a speed dating and a regular women’s table took place. Furthermore, a series of lectures powered by BITZ, annual workshops with international experts, coaching, mentoring, business partnerships and individual events for PhD students of the Faculty 2 have been organized so far.

1. Grad.Life Innovation Workshop

On the 7th and 8th of November, the 1st Grad.Life Innovation Workshop took place. The workshop is dedicated to guide through the design process of a real issue stemming from industry partners in or around Braunschweig. In November "Only the Best for tricky problems", the workshop took 12 life science and engineering Ph D-students to the challenging question of the Braunschweigische Maschienenbauanstalt (BMA) where they developed several strategic solutions for BMA. The Innovation Workshop will be held several times a year.


New team member

We are looking forward towelcome Dipl.-Psych. Hilko Paulsen as new team member as from October 2012. Hilko Paulsen is respsonsible for trainings and the Grad.Life-innovation workshops. More about the Grad.Life team can be found here.

Review Summer School 2012

The Grad.Life-Summer School 2012 was as successful as in 2011. Positive feedback from our participating doctoral students and a top rating of the "University Didactic"-training are only two highlights. A total of 66 PhD-students and industry partners attended a variety of trainings and workshops. Please find more information of the annual event here.


Good Luck with the negotiations!

In a lecture on the Havard concept, about 20 PhD-students learned the basic rules of negotiation: our experts, Mr. Schirmag (Lineas) and Dr.-Ing. Schmieder (DLR) provided the participants with a bunch of communication tricks and gimmicks. For more information on designing successful win-win situations in negotiations, please click here.

Methods Workshops

Dipl.-Psych. A. Cordes, University of Göttingen, visited Grad.Life to offer a workshop on statistical methods and received amazing feedback of all 10 participating PhD-students. The students were given insight into the "Advanced Statistics" and they got the chance to discuss there own PhD-data with our methods expert. Finally, the students’s own PhD-theses could be presented in small groups to finde solutions for their specific methodological challenges.

Expert Lecture by Grad.Life

Prof. Dr. V. Quera, University of Barcelona, visited Grad.Life in June 2013. Prof. Quera is an internationally recognized expert in the behavioral sciences and offered a workshop on 'interaction analysis in psychological research' to the Grad.Life-students. He continued his stay with a lecture titled "Methods for exploring and analysing sequences of behavior." which was open to a broade public. For more information on his lecture, please click here.


Prelude to Grad.Life-Woman regulars' table

Hold 3th of July, Grad.Life introduced its special section on female careers with its first round table. Three female experts for female careers out of industry and research discussed with PhD-students in a relaxed atmosphere issues around the topic of "Women and Careers".


1. Lecture of an international expert in chemistry

Israel, Colombia, a portable artificial kidney, desalination plants. How is it possible to combine these keyword in a lecture? - Professor Moris S. Eisen is going to present these interesting topics in a single lecture on the 12. June. All participantes of Grad.Life are invited. For more information, please click here.

For more information have look on this article.

TV star visits Grad.Life

Nadine Meyden, trainer for business etiquette and author of various books about etiquette and good behavior worked as a trainer for Grad.Life. 10 PhD students got valuable advide on the do's and don'ts of etiquette from an expert. More information can be found here.

Success with Mentoring at Grad.Life!

Grad.Life's Mentoring-program, which started only recently, is already a success: Five highly competitive managers in science and industry actually run mentoring-partnerships with some of the faculty's PhD-students. Especially our mentees are very excited about their partnerships. If you like to be a Grad.Life-mentee or -mentor, please do not hesitate to contact the Grad.Life-office at any time.

BITZ is new cooperation partner

We are glad to announce that Grad.Life has found a new cooperation partner: Together with the BITZ - a coop of TU Braunschweig, HZI and the software specialist LINEAS - an exciting series of lectures with guest speakers having diverse background in management and science will be invited to work with PhDs. Details on content and dates will be announced shortly.


Take a look on our download-page and find the Grad.Life-Newsletter 01/2012.


New cooperation with the Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft

Grad.Life has found a new cooperation partner: Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft, region Braunschweig. The BVMW combines the strengths of the medium-sized businesses.
The cooperation guarantees direct contact with companies situated in Braunschweig. The first joint events are planned.


New cooperation with bioRegioN

 Our new cooperation partner BioRegioN is the central contact point for Life Sciences in Niedersachsen. By connecting universities, research institutes and companies in the health care management industry, biotechnology or biomedical technology, BioRegioN aims to strengthen the local area.
Last year, BioRegioN participated at our Speeddating. We are looking forward to future events with our new cooperation partner.

New cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office

We are delighted to welcome the Equal Opportunities Office as our new cooperation partner. All PhD students from the department of Life Sciences are invited to join the events of the Equal Opportunities Office. Services  include the following:  career service for women, networking contacts and advice on the compatibility of work and private life. Current information will be available on the website of the Equal Opportunities Office.

Grad.Life Mentoring: Successful start

Our efforts to find mentors from the private sector for our PhD students have been successful. We are happy to have matched our first mentoring tandem in less than ten days. We wish them a successful collaboration.

Evaluation results of the Summer School 2011

The Grad.Life Summer School 2011 has been highly successful. It has been evaluated by the participants with an average of 1.55 (on a scale ranging from 1=excellent to 6=insufficient).  More results from training of the summer school can be found here.

New cooperation with the HZI Graduate School

Grad.Life has found a new cooperation partner! We are proud to welcome the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, HZI. PhD students will have the opportunity to join selected events of the HZI Graduate School. As a PhD student who is registered in the Grad.Life online platform, you will receive information automatically about all recent events.

Summer School 2011

Our first summer school took place from 27. to 29. September.  For more information, please click here. One component of our Summer School was a speed dating between our highly qualified PhD students and representatives of local organizations. We are looking forward to receiving more applications.


Official start of Grad.Life in the Department of Life Sciences  

The Department of Life Sciences has initiated a graduate school for PhD students starting on the 1. April 2011. The graduate school Grad.Life provides PhD students with helpful job-related key qualifications. In addition, Grad.Life supports networking with potential future employers.

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