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SuLaDI - Supercooled Large Droplets Icing

Project manager: Per Ohme (Institute of Flight Systems)

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Research objective

SuLaDI represents the leading project of the DLR@Uni Initiative in Braunschweig. The superordinate project topic is the fundamental research on aircraft icing issues. Special focus lies on processes occurring during the contamination with so-called SLDs. This means supercooled water droplets having a diameter larger than 50 micrometres which under certain circumstances can develop in the atmosphere. As a significant number of accidents results from icing triggered by supercooled droplets and flights are not uncritical given those circumstances, special attention is paid to this phenomenon. In 2014, this resulted in new specifications published by the aircraft certification authorities on the subject. Research on SLDs thus is highly topical and of exceptional interest to the aviation industry.

Research program

SuLaDI approaches the problem of aircraft icing from different perspectives. Therefore the project is organized into four topic areas in which institutes both of the DLR and the TU Braunschweig with similar structures collaborate. Altogether eight institutes participate in SuLaDI, four of the TU Braunschweig and another four of the DLR.  Because of the interdependencies of various aspects of the project, it allows for collaboration of institutes from different disciplines.

SuLaDI is supported by the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft and benefits from its integration into the NFL. Thereby the project serves the aim of DLR@Uni of an increasing interaction and cooperation between universities and the DLR.

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