Metropolitan Aircraft

Air transportation of the future requires scientific innovations to ensure environmental sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Scientists in the “Metropolitan Aircraft” research project are working on a vision to better meet the mobility requirements of industrialized society in the future. An essential component is providing people in metropolitan areas with efficient access to air transportation while simultaneously drastically reducing the negative impacts on citizens caused by noise and emissions.

The goal of the “Metropolitan Aircraft” research project is to develop basic technology for future commercial aircraft that will enable inter-European air transportation from small airports close to cities, providing efficient point-to-point connections. Therefore, the airplanes of tomorrow should

(a) have quiet, low-emission flight propulsion and new high-lift systems for short take-off properties

(b) have extremely light but highly durable structures that are easy to maintain

(c) be safe, economical, and environmentally friendly in flight

The project management for this research program is being provided by Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Hecker (Institute of Flight Guidance, TU Braunschweig). “Metropolitan Aircraft”, which is co-financed by the research partners and the state of Lower Saxony, began as the first coordinated project of NFL in July 2009.

  last changed 13.03.2014
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