Research objectives

The research program performs fundamental research in the areas of flight physics and flight propulsion, lightweight design of aircraft, flight system technology, and flight guidance and air traffic management. The approaches being taken in this research concentrate on

  • advanced aerodynamic and aeroacoustic calculation methods and their validation to utilize possible synergies between low-noise propulsion and innovative high-lift systems  
  • improving the performance of the core propulsion system, high-quality modeling of propulsion unit dynamics, and enhancement of the dynamic propulsion unit operating limits
  • multifunctional, hybrid lightweight structures with new approaches for force transmission, detachable joints, and damage recognition
  • integration and automation of on-board and ground-based air traffic management using new technology for communication, navigation, and monitoring, in conjunction with cognitive automation approaches.
  • technological prerequisites for further automation of cockpit functions for commercial aircraft through new approaches in aircraft control, with special focus on the reconfiguration of degraded systems.

  last changed 21.12.2011
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