Innovations in all aerospace key technologies that meet requirements regarding environmental sustainability, efficiency and safety are desperately needed for future use in civilian air passenger and freight transportation. Each year the NFL will promote such innovations through an annual researcher award and young scientist award, named in honor of Braunschweig scientists Hermann Blenk and Karl Doetsch. Additional information and a downloadable brochure are available here.

Awards will be given to trendsetting research results, student research projects, and theses from the area of efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly air transport, and its corresponding key technologies. An independent jury will evaluate and select the best research results, student research papers, and masters’ theses with reference to the stated objectives. Experimental work, work from simulations, and theoretical development will all be evaluated equally.

The Hermann Blenk Researcher Prize of the NFL will award 5000 euros annually to one winner (individual or group).

The Karl Doetsch Young Scientist Prize of the NFL will award 1000 euros annually to up to two winners (individual or group).

Partical Imaging Velocity Measurement


nanoporous membrane

Sources: TUBS, LUH

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