Simulator Center

In a joint initiative of TU Braunschweig and the DLR, a high-capacity center for flight simulation is being established at the Braunschweig research airport. The core area of research is the dynamic interaction between human and machine. It will evaluate the manageability of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, particularly in borderline situations such as flying in turbulence with reduced visibility near the ground, and in case of system failures. Additional research will look at the role of humans in highly-automated flight, as well as research into the effectiveness of flight simulator training. Three high-quality cockpits are being built:

  • representative commercial aircraft (A320),
  • business jet of the future,
  • modern helicopter (EC135).

The cockpits have been designed to meet the system simulation requirements of the DLR’s flying test vehicles A320-ATRA and EC135-FHS, and therefore can be used for flight test preparation. In addition, two state-of-the-art visualization systems (dome with high-quality projectors), a motion platform, and corresponding control centers and simulation computers are being built.

The simulator center represents a top-of-the-line unique selling point for the Braunschweig Research Airport. Its modularity (fixed and rotating wing aircraft) is unique compared to existing systems, as is its precise adaptation into the infrastructure of the Braunschweig Research Airport. The simulator center forms the scientific bridge between an internationally top-ranked skill set in flight physics simulations at the location, and the flying test vehicles. Completion is expected by the end of 2012.

  last changed 21.12.2011
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