Building Program “Forschungsneubau”

The Campus Research Airport consists of six on-site TU Braunschweig institutes of aerospace research and four aeronautical institutes of the DLR. The establishment of an institute of flight propulsion for TU Braunschweig, with its research focused on engine dynamics and the establishment of the chair for jet engines, represents a critical prerequisite for developing the technical innovations for aircraft and air transportation, and to make its complex dependencies accessible in a holistic system. The participating scientists from TU Braunschweig and the DLR are able to implement a range of strategic projects with coordinated fundamental research. Merging flow mechanics and flight propulsion at a single site in close proximity to all the other institutes at the research airport result in significant synergy. In addition, the Campus Research Airport provides desperately needed young scientists with consistent aerospace study paths with a much more efficient education thanks to its tightly integrated, multi-disciplinary modules. The construction at the Campus Research Airport includes an office building for the institutes of flow mechanics and flight propulsion, which is connected to high-quality technology areas for wind tunnels, water channels, and test beds for turbo-machines and jet engines.

Frontalansicht des neuesn Forschungsbaus  Frontalansicht des neuesn Forschungsbaus

Fig.: View of "Forschungsneubau", planning consortium "springmeier architekten und bmp architekten"

Construction began in May 2010. The building was completed by early spring, 2012.

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