Mission Statement

We are a leading aerospace research center in Germany, providing top level research and education. We create leading innovations in aerospace.

Scientific excellence and professionalism guide us in all that we do. Our research helps satisfy society’s need for mobility – both today and in the future. We focus on environmental sustainability, safety, and efficiency.

We direct the results of our research toward industry, science, and society. Our education is aimed at highly qualified engineers who are enthusiastic about aerospace.

Joining together the broad areas of expertise from the TU Braunschweig and the German Aerospace Center gives us a particular appeal, along with international visibility.

Together we have all the skills needed to create technical innovations for aircraft and air transportation. These we develop with a holistic view toward of the system.

We offer the complete spectrum, from basic research to application-based technical development and testing. The results keep our education and training on the cutting edge.  

The Campus Research Airport is building on an 80-year tradition of aeronautical research and flight testing in Braunschweig. We have an infrastructure that is unique internationally, with research aircraft, wind tunnels, simulators, and test facilities. Award-winning scientists and motivated students ensure top-level research.  

investigation into flow with coats of paints

HELIPOD in arctis

structure using composite materials

Sources: TUBS, DLR

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