The Institute of Psychology at the Technical University at Brunswick is one of the smallest in Germany. The students do not expect any “mass processing” over here. The lectures and tutorials are not overcrowded, so it is possible to work in small groups, the students know each other and personal contact and conversations with the teachers are guaranteed. Research and science are representing a scientific psychology. The Institute of Psychology is part of the faculty of Life Sciences.

The Institute of Psychology implements the study path of Bachelor (Bachelor of Science) in the winter term 2006/07. The field of study, psychology, is a registration restricted discipline. The registration for the study path of Bachelor takes place in the winter term. There are 66 places available. The diploma degree finishs. To the winter term 2009/10 the Institute of Psychology will offer the consecutive study path of Master (Master of Science) with two areas of operations: Work-, Organization- and Engineer-Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Furthermore the Institute of Psychology supplies in cooperation with the Institute of Psychology of Göttingen (Germany), an advanced training for behavioral therapist (Weiterbildungs Studiengang Psychologische Psychotherapie – WSPP) with the license to practice. Additionally it is possible to choose some branches of psychology in the different study paths like natural sciences, engineering, business or economic sciences, or humanities.

Eight professors (6 male and two female), seven research assistants and contract teachers belongs to the Institute of Psychology. It consists of the following departments:

  •  Department of Psychology of Cognition and Engineer-Psychology

  •  Department of Developmental Psychology

  •  Department of Psychological Methodology and Biological Psychology

  •  Department of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Diagnostics

  •  Department of Work-, Organizational and Social Psychology

  •  Department of Gerontopsychology

A close cooperation in research and science consists between the “Forschungsgesellschaft für Kognitive Neurologie e. V.” an institute, which was accessed to the Technical University at Brunswick.

The main researches of the Institute of Psychology are in the areas of Psychology of Cognition, Neuropsychology, Biological Psychology, Speech Development and Communication, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Work and Organizational Psychology as soon as Engineer-Psychology (man-machine systems). Work-, Organizational and Engineer Psychology as well as Clinical Psychology are the most important application areas of scientific psychology. Their contents could be described as Man-Technique-and-Work and Health-and-Illness. Both application disciplines based on the empirical findings of the General, Biological, Personality, Social and Developmental Psychology, which focusses today on the biological and neuronal basics of behavior and experience.Research takes place in cooperation with national and international universities, research, and practice facilities as well as businesses. In the applied research we will work together with some facilities and companies of the region.

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