2019-10-21 first day of classes, winter term 2019/20

Innovationspreis Niedersachsen awarded to Stephan Reichl and minds GmbH


GEFTA Science Award conferred on Heiko Cammenga

2019-06-01 Mehtap Özaslan appointed Professor for Technical Chemistry
2019-05-22 Miguel Vences elected member of Leopoldina
2019-05-08 Pharmakon – Farbe • Zauber • Gift • Arznei, Exhibition Opening, University Library
2019-04-08 first day of classes, summer term 2019
2019-04-01 Alexander von Humboldt fellowship awarded to Atanu Patra for research with Daniel B. Werz (organic chemistry)
2019-04-01 Yvonne Mast appointed Professor for Applied Microbiology
2019-03-01 Task Force released final report of the shutdown of the institute building in Hans-Sommer-Str. (direct link to final report).

  last changed 12.09.2019
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