SiMoNe Changelog

Release Name : v2022.02
Creation Date: Friday, June 10, 2022,10:20:30 AM
Number Of ChangeNotes: 12

DateLevelComponentRelease Note
6/10/2022ImprovementSiMoNe CoreExport of simulation universes now includes a complete overview of configuration parameters
6/10/2022ImprovementLinkLevel ModulationParameters for parallel channel simulations can be imported by CSV-file
6/10/2022ExtensionLinkLevel ModulationAdded capabilites to map a modulation and coding scheme based on the SINR level of a link level simulation
6/10/2022ExtensionGUI AddonAdded parallel plotting capabilites for separate subcarriers
6/10/2022ExtensionGUI AddonImproved visualation capabilites to allow parallel computation and plotting of link level flows.
6/10/2022ExtensionLinkLevel ModulationImplemented a multi-carrier caller construct to be able to simulate multiple parallel streams by one simulation
6/10/2022ImprovementLinkLevel ModulationImproved handling of link level simulations by addition of fixed log profiles
6/10/2022ExtensionLinkLevel ModulationAddition of advanced APSK modulation schemes
5/31/2022Bugfix SmallLinkLevel ModulationThe local ocsillator creates the correct samples for an odd number of subcarriers.
5/31/2022Bugfix SmallLinkLevel ModulationThe number of generated bits per iteration of each subcarrier attunes to the effective data rate. The overall number of bits is indepetend of the number of subcarriers in order to save RAM.
5/31/2022Bugfix SmallLinkLevel ModulationChannel scaling is now performed after synchronization considering only valid symbols.
3/17/2022Bugfix SmallRaytracer MacroPredBugfix for AoD/AoA in MacroPred - Absolut hights (edges) and relative hights (TX.z , RX.z) were mixed - AoA was AoD