SiMoNe Changelog

Release Name : v2022.01
Creation Date: Monday, February 21, 2022,12:25:24 PM
Number Of ChangeNotes: 10

DateLevelComponentRelease Note
2/21/2022ExtensionLinkLevel ModulationExtended the single carrier mode by a multi carrier mode. The multi carrier mode allows for a transmission with fully configurable subcarriers in parallel.
2/21/2022Bugfix SmallLinkLevel ModulationAdapted the reference value for noise calculation to the ration of information bit energy per noise power spectral density instead of signal-to-noise ratio.
2/21/2022ExtensionLinkLevel ModulationAdded a pure radio channel representation where TX and RX filter are located in the modulator and detector, respectively.
12/23/2021Bugfix SmallRaytracer GeneralFixed processing of AoD (if AplyDiagramTX) and AoA (if AplyDiagramRX) during antenna masking.
12/20/2021Bugfix CriticialLinkLevel ModulationFixed a bug in 8PSK and 8APSK which cause a wrong mapping of singular symbols.
10/22/2021Bugfix SmallSiMoNe CoreFixed import of Building Data from OSM. So far, unknown tagged Buildings were ignored.
10/7/2021ImprovementSiMoNe CoreSeveral fixes for handling data with the AdminGUI
10/7/2021Bugfix CriticialSiMoNe CoreFix for the MATLAB Exporter. Part of the time-variant KPIs were not exported as expected.
10/7/2021Bugfix CriticialRaytracer FemtoPredFix for search of side-diffracted Edges when using Map-Prediction together with the Static-TX-Booster feature.
10/7/2021Bugfix SmallSiMoNe CoreFixed import of Building Data from OSM. So far, unkown tagged Buildings were ignored.