SiMoNe Changelog

Release Name : v2021.01
Creation Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021,10:43:10 AM
Number Of ChangeNotes: 11

DateLevelComponentRelease Note
9/25/2021ExtensionSiMoNe CoreChange of the SQL Backend: Switched from MSSQL to PostgreSQL
9/25/2021ExtensionGUI AddonMany usability updates to improve the GUI experience
9/15/2021Bugfix SmallLinkLevel ModulationAdded a buffer to the interpolation algorithm via sampling series in the symbol recovery in order to recover the correct symbol at the borders of a processed array of samples.
8/25/2021ExtensionLinkLevel Codingadded updated version of aff3ct library wrapper to incorporate turbo coding
7/26/2021Bugfix CriticialRaytracer GeneralFixed blockage check of side diffracted ray. Before this fix, blocked side diffracted rays may be mistankenly treated as correct.
7/19/2021ExtensionLinkLevel Modulationadded 8PSK and 16PSK with both gray and binary coding to LLS
7/15/2021Bugfix CriticialRaytracer GeneralFix for searching valid side diffracting Edges. I false implemented check for equalitiy led to duplicated edges.
7/13/2021ExtensionSiMoNe CoreBuilding3dCollections and ScenarioCellAntennas can now be imported at runtime from .csv Template files using the *_FromFile_Block.
7/13/2021ExtensionRaytracer GeneralBuilding3dCollection is now solely provided by Building3dCollection_Block. In order for the ray-tracers to consider buildings and function as expected, it is crucial that the ray-tracer receives the optional input "Building3dCollection_Block"
7/13/2021Bugfix CriticialRaytracer FemtoPredFixed an error in the search algorihtm to determine all (side-) diffraction edges of a Building3DCollection. The error lead to dublicate edges that could cause the FemtoPred to quit when searching for side diffracted rays of order > 1.
7/9/2021ExtensionGUI Usablility UpdateThe AdminGUI remembers its screen location and size on closing. This behaviour can be disabled in the AdminGUI Settings-Menu.