Excellence through dialogue – Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries

Water is undeniably one of the core issues in 21st century discussions on development co-operation. Worldwide more than 1.2 billion people have no access to drinking water, and three billion have neither sanitary nor wastewater disposal facilities. Numerous development goals are based on the availability of water. The primary goal of the Braunschweig Competence Centre and its international cooperation partners is therefore to develop core proposals for sustainable water management. This includes technologies for manifold use and re-use of water. For instance two-thirds of fresh-water worldwide is currently used in agriculture – resources that literally drain away into the ground. This fresh water could be used further.

The water utilized in the industrial sector could also be recycled and re-used. Further research priorities include the water supply for Mega-Cities, coastal engineering and water-ecosystems. The think tank consists of a global network of equal partners.

Together training courses and graduate school programmes are developed and experts trained as policy consultants. Its aim is to anchor the water-management issue in the political agenda of both developing and industrialised countries. The results of the research will be put at the disposal of policy-makers, public authorities and organisations.

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