Horizon 2020

A review of EU projects in Horizon 2020 (Audits)

Horizon 2020 projects whose expenditure exceeds €325,000 are required to undergo an independent audit at the end of the project to demonstrate the proper use of funds for the entire project duration. In order to carry out these audits, TU Braunschweig has concluded a framework agreement with NBank in Hanover.

Financial reporting in Horizon 2020 projects:

Since the European Commission has for some time been monitoring the accounts of EU projects more frequently, please contact us in good time if you need to prepare a financial statement, so that we can assist you in its preparation.

In particular, the calculation of personnel costs in audits often leads to problems as there are some peculiarities to consider, such as payroll period, length of employment, employee status, etc. Since it is difficult to describe the various project-dependent conditions in one list of guidelines, it makes sense to discuss the necessary documentation at the start of a project.

Time sheets Horizon 2020 projects:

In Horizon 2020, the working hours of full-time or part-time staff financed from the project funds must also be documented. For this purpose, we have developed a model in accordance with the EU, which is available here. Please note the remarks under "Instructions".


Personnel cost rates for project proposals

  last changed 29.10.2019
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