Compulsory Elective Subject Pharmacy

Course content

The elective subject serves to deepen the knowledge of a pharmaceutical subject. Within this module, selected methods of research are presented and applied in exercises. The module serves as an introduction to independent scientific working. This includes literature research, training on various experimental techniques, carrying out experimental investigations and scientific writing. It should enable the students to solve scientific questions independently within their later activities. It can also serve as preparation for a doctorate.


  1. Insight into the research work of a pharmaceutical subject (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Biology, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and History of Pharmacy)
  2. Introduction to selected methods of research
  3. Independent working on a research topic

Course information

Code 4099001
Degree programme(s) Pharmacy
Lecturer(s) Variable (depending on institution)
Type of course Block course + internship
Semester Winter and summer semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study State examination
ECTS credits 7
Contact Please direct any questions to