Communication Practice

Course content

The course is designed to promote both listening and speaking skills to help enable the students to perform competently in all possible language situations. The emphasis of the course is principally on how to communicate effectively in English. Therefore, it is not a grammar-based course but, instead, makes use of all kinds of controlled language activities where communication is important – ranging from pair-work, role-play games to more seri-ous work such as skills needed for presentation and public speaking. We will also look at such things as audience analysis, body language, gesturing, as well as impromptu, informa-tive, and persuasive speaking.

Course information

Code 4412447, 4412498, 4412559, 4412560
Degree programme Double major Bachelor’s degree English Studies
Lecturers and contact person Jeury Tavares, Criss Fletcher, Simon Kingsbury
Type of course Exercise course
Semester Winter semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study Bachelor
ECTS credits Please contact the lecturer