The Vieweg Archives

The Vieweg Archives

Since the end of 1999, the Vieweg archives of the Vieweg publishing house, which is closely associated with Brunswick, have been back in Brunswick - now owned by the Brunswick University Library.

Publisher's History

While the focus of the publishing house was initially on the humanities (author names such as Bettina von Arnim, Hans Christian Andersen or Johann Gottfried Herder may stand for this), under his son Eduard the accent shifted to mathematics, science and technology. The chemist Justus von Liebig, with whom Eduard Vieweg had a lifelong friendship, had a decisive influence here. Important scholars such as Alexander von Humboldt, Gottfried Semper, Hermann von Helmholtz or later Niels Bohr, Max Planck or Albert Einstein could be won over as authors. Thus the publishing house became one of the leading international scientific publishers, publishing the works of numerous Nobel Prize winners. While the adverse conditions of the First World War and the post-war period could still be countered, a decline during the Weimar Republic and the National Socialist era is unmistakable. Only after the Second World War the publishing house, no longer family-owned, was gradually able to follow up to the successful phases in its publishing history.

Three Archives

The Archives of the Viewegverlag consist of an extensive letter archive, the publisher's archive and a book archive.


The Vieweg letter archive contains about 50.000 letters from about 3.000 authors and about 14.000 replies from the publisher. With the generous support of the Braunschweigische Stiftung, a project has been carried out to catalog the archival holdings of scientific and regional historical interest. The collection and its indexing are an important contribution to research in the history of science and publishing and can be used as part of the university's archive. The indexed data can be viewed in a freely accessible database.

The Vieweg Publisher's Archives contain a wide variety of archival holdings and material on the history of the publishing house, the printing works, the paper factory and the estate in Wendhausen near Brunswick. These include accounting records, manuscripts, materials for company parties, promotional literature, greeting cards, certificates, photos and illustrations. It is accessible via a stock overview (in German).

With the letter archive and the publisher's archive, the publisher's collection of voucher copies also came to Brunswick. Combined with the Vieweg books already available in the University Library, more than 15,000 Vieweg titles are currently listed in the online catalogue of the Brunswick University Library.



The Vieweg archives of the Brunswick University Library are available upon request to all persons for use for academic purposes or other legitimate interest. Send your request like a regular archive request to the University Archive, which manages the Vieweg archives as a collection.