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Find new ideas for designing your teaching through consultation and feedback (from student and others).

In our consulting services, we address your questions and current challenges regarding teaching - both generally and regarding digital teaching. Here you have the opportunity to receive feedback on your teaching programmes and event concepts and discuss how you can use innovative tools and methods - either digital or analogue - in your teaching.

Individual consultation (online) for teaching

As part of an individual consultation, we support you and your colleagues in adapting course concepts with a view to methods and new tools, for example. We would also be happy to work with you on strategies to develop your teaching skills. We look forward to arranging a consultation appointment with you.

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Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

The Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) provides you with structured feedback from students on your course. We will formulate 3-5 questions with you in a preliminary meeting, and students then discuss these under our guidance as part of your course. You are not present for the discussion, but we will make the results available to you afterwards.

You can have us conduct TAPs during an ongoing semester to implement adjustments in your teaching during the same semester. TAPs can also be used at the end of the semester as an alternative or supplement to the classic quantitative EvaSys teaching evaluation, in which case we will discuss and document the results with you.
If you wish, you can complement a TAP with a teaching observation from us to get feedback on how you conduct the course. In a preliminary meeting, we discuss your personal concerns with you, then visit you in your course and reflect on how you conducted the session in the subsequent feedback meeting.

We can also conduct TAPs digitally and are happy to come to your digital courses to do so.

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