TU Braunschweig supports the commitment of teachers financially and promotes quality and innovation in studies and teaching with various programmes from extra and third-party funds. The funding conditions, application procedures and reporting obligations vary depending on the programme or funding provider. We are also happy to support you in raising third-party funds.

Innovations Programme

In the Innovations Programme, teachers receive support for the implementation of their innovative teaching-learning ideas. The concepts can relate to aspects of a course, an entire course or the conception of entire modules.

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Titelfoto: Innovationsprojekte der Förderrunde 2017
Photo credit: Lea Hanke, Projektgruppe Lehre und Medienbildung/TU Braunschweig

Transfer Programme

Successfully implemented, innovative teaching and learning ideas can be transferred to other subjects with the support of the transfer programme. The employees are supported and consulted together with the colleagues of the innovation projects.

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Government Funding for Educational Quality (Studienqualitätsmittel)

"Studienqualitätsmittel" are state funds and serve to promote the preservation and improvement of the quality of teaching and study conditions. The funds are compensation payments by the state for the abolished tuition fees. They are subject to a special purpose limitation and are used by agreement between the "Studienqualitätskommission"  (50% of the members are students) and the Presidency to ensure and improve the quality of teaching and study conditions. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs is responsible within TU Braunschweig.

The nationwide regulations on granting and use result from this:

In addition, the Study Quality Commission and the Presidency have reached an agreement on a guideline on the use and distribution of funds as well as on evaluation regulations.

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