Information for Freshman

We have collected all the necessary information to get you off to a successful start at university. The information is sorted into periods before the start of your studies so that you can get an overview of what should be done when. Some things even have to be done in time before the first day of lectures.

If you miss a deadline, this is no problem either: Simply speak to the appropriate contact person and an individual solution can certainly be found!

After Matriculation

Searching for information in the Study Service Center
Searching for information in the Study Service Center Photo credit: Marek Kruszewski/TU Braunschweig
  • First of all, acquaint yourself with all the relevant term dates.
  • Still looking for accommodation? Take a look at the numerous notices around campus, for example at the Old Building, the Mensa or the General Students’ Committee (AStA). For more information on the halls of residence, please contact the Student Support Services. For useful information and links, you can also check out the information sheet [in German] prepared by the Central Student Advisory Service.
  • Remember to register your new place of residence. You are required to do so with the City of Braunschweig’s Bürgerbüro [in German], an administrative office for citizens, within two weeks of your move.
  • For some degree programmes, you will need to complete preliminary courses or internships before the start of your studies. Find out when these preliminary courses [in German] take place and how to register.
  • For many degree programmes, language classes are compulsory. For an overview of all its classes, you can visit the Language Centre’s website [in German].
    Please note: For some language classes, you need to sit a placement test before you can register for that particular class. Please check the registration procedures and dates with the Language Centre [in German] ahead of time. Registration for language classes usually takes place two weeks before the start of the semester.
  • During the Train4TU seminar, you will learn all about self- and time management, effective study habits and scientific work. The seminar is designed for all freshers, particularly those without an academic family background and/or from a migrant background.


Students meet at the Carolo Campus Café C3
Students meet at the Carolo Campus Café C3 Photo credit: Marek Kruszewski/TU Braunschweig

4 weeks before the start of term

  • Using your user ID (y-number), you will be able to access the university’s W-LAN and your university e-mail address. If you did not receive a y-number at matriculation, it is best to check with the Gauss IT Centre directly. For all other questions concerning IT at the university, please read the Don’t panic brochure [in German] produced by the Gauss IT Centre.
  • Some degree programmes offer special orientation days for freshers. For details, please check this overview provided by the Central Student Advisory Service [in German].
  • Have you applied for BAföG yet? German students can apply for BAföG to fund their studies. For information and contacts, please visit the Student Support Services website.
  • If BAföG is not sufficient to cover your expenses, come and visit the Matriculation Office’s Financial Counselling Service at the Study Service Centre. The staff there will do their best to help students dealing with financing problems or financial bottlenecks. Under some circumstances, it may for example be possible to apply for an exemption from certain fees and contributions.


2 weeks before the start of term

  • Many degree programmes provide sample study plans. You will want to get hold of these plans and read through the exam regulations for your programme. Further information is provided by the schools.
  • You can also draw up a study plan using the study management system Stud.IP [in German] and get an overview of all your upcoming lectures and classes.
  • Are you into sports? Students can participate in university sports. Find out what’s on offer and how to register at the Sports Centre [in German] and check out the current sports programme [in German]. Registration usually opens on the first day of lectures.
  • Finding your way around campus is not always easy. Get an overview with the university’s site map or locate specific places or lecture halls on the Campus map [in German]
  • To borrow books, you will need to register and obtain a library card. From summer semester 2015 on, this function will be included in your electronic student identity card, the TUcard. You can also take part in introductory sessions [in German] at the University Library.


The first week
  • On the first day of the lecture period, there will be a central Freshers Welcome with the President of TU Braunschweig. Afterwards, the central facilities will introduce themselves during an information fair in the foyer of the Old Building.
  • During the first week, the schools usually host special fresher events for the individual degree programmes. Contact your programme coordinator [in German] to learn more. For some degree programmes, freshers need to fill in registration sheets. Your programme coordinator will be able to help you with this, too.
  • After the first few days are behind you, you will slowly but surely settle in at the university. If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve the quality of our teaching, please Let us know [in German]. In this blog, you can send your suggestions for improvements directly to the university’s management and your ideas will be forwarded to the relevant person.