Transportation Engineering (Master)

Mann im Inneren eines autonomen Fahrzeugs

Key data

Degree Master of Science
Standard duration of study 4 semesters
Language of instruction German
Start of programme winter and summer semester
Admission free admission (special admission requirements)

The entire transport system in view: Mobility and transport are an essential driver of growth and employment in our highly specialised economy.

As a mass phenomenon, however, transport creates considerable problems that can only be overcome with innovative methods and techniques.


What is special about TU Braunschweig?

Transportation Engineering deals with the technology and organisation of various transport systems. How do people and goods get from A to B quickly, energy-efficiently, environmentally friendly and safely? Since there is unlikely to be less traffic on motorways, train and air routes in the future, traffic engineers are in great demand.

Interdisciplinary qualifications are required for the development of future-oriented mobility concepts and traffic planning: knowledge from the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, communication technology and economics are the basis.

Studying at TU Braunschweig offers you an interdisciplinary Master‘s degree programme with the best framework conditions. Braunschweig is considered a region of transport expertise. Companies in automotive engineering and railway engineering are located here, as are aerospace research centres such as the Federal Aviation Authority, the German Aerospace Centre or the research airport.

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Admission requirements and application

You can apply for this Master's degree programme if you have a Bachelor's degree programme that is suitable for the subject. You can find detailed information on which requirements you have to fulfil in the admission regulations. Please read these before applying! 

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