Update to Stud.IP 5.1

Stud.IP 5.1.

Stud.IP 5 opens up new possibilities for teaching design and content sharing.

Update information

With Stud.IP 5, you can look forward to an interactive LMS that makes implementing digital and hybrid teaching easier than previous versions.

The Stud.IP update will take place on September 28, 2022. On this day Stud.IP will not be available.

Please note:

  • Important documents that are needed on September 28 should be downloaded beforehand.
  • During the update Stud.IP cannot be used to send or receive messages. Also, Stud.IP cannot be used to conduct take home exams. Therefore, please plan to use other TU Braunschweig systems instead, e.g. email or cloudstorage.
  • Course admission procedures will not be affected by the update with the following exceptions: Please avoid course admission settings that start on September 28 or that involve an automatic assignment (lottery procedure) on September 28.

Screencasts for the update

Our screencasts (German with subtitles in English) will give you a first overview of the new functionalities. If you have further questions, we invite you to participate in our question and answer sessions on the Stud.IP update.

What's New in Stud.IP 5.1

This screencast introduces the new features of Stud.IP version 5.1.

The new Courseware 5

For Stud.IP 5.1 Courseware has been revised. This screencast introduces the new features and how to use them.

Migration of existing Courseware to Courseware 5

What changes will Courseware 5 bring to existing Courseware content and where will adjustments be necessary?

Implementing ePortfolios with Courseware 5

The "ePortfolios" feature is moving to Courseware 5 with the update. This screencast introduces the changes and how to create ePortfolios.

Dates for question and answer sessions

In our Q&A sessions, we answer your questions about the Stud.IP update and give you first impressions of the new functionalities. In order to be able to answer all questions and plan the sessions accordingly, we have set up frag.jetzt rooms for each Q&A session. We invite you to anonymously post your questions in the frag.jetzt room linked to the session you have registered for.

Tue, 20. Sep. 13:00-14:30 Uhr frag.jetzt for this session Register
Wed, 05. Oct. 10:00-11:30 Uhr frag.jetzt for this session Register
Tue, 11. Oct. 13:00-14:30 Uhr frag.jetzt for this session Register


Our Stud.IP support is at your service if you have any questions or problems