Social and Addiction Counselling

Social and Addiction Counselling

including Integration Management (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement BEM)


Dipl. Päd. Gerda Kuder
Bültenweg 17, 2nd floor
38106 Braunschweig
Phone: +49 531 391-4544

Social and Addiction Counselling, an administrative department reporting to the Vice President, which includes integration management (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM), has these responsibilities:

Social and Addiction Counselling
  • Information, advice and support for people struggling with addiction, family members, colleagues and line managers:
    • Questions/issues concerning the use of psychoactive substances (alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs)
    • Addictive behaviours (such as eating disorders, gambling, excessive internet use, compulsive buying disorder)
    • Personal and work-related stress (psychosocial counselling incl. conflict counselling, reconciliation in conflicts)
    • For staff with supervisory responsibilities, communication strategies in addressing conspicuous behaviour (for instance, drug use) or other situations where discussion/intervention is required

Session on “psychoactive substances in the workplace” in compliance with statutory requirements for health and safety at work

Integration Management

Together with the integration management team (BEM Team), the administrative department complies with statutory requirements under Section 167 (2) of the German Social Code Book IX for cases of long-term sickness or disability or repeated sickness or disability in providing staff with support and schemes for returning to work. Tasks include, in particular:

  • Writing personal letters to staff, offering information and initial consultations
  • Coordination and management of the BEM Team, case management and support
  • Advice concerning BEM integration management and the gradual reintegration into working life
  • Developing the BEM concept and coordination with occupational health management (BGM)
Appeals Office as per Section 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment
  • Addressing the right, scope and objective of appeal
  • Addressing the need for action and mandate
  • Initial consultations/referrals; internally, where applicable, to Division 1/Dept. 12, Equal Opportunities Office of TU Braunschweig and/or the Staff Council
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