Graduate Schools & Research Training Groups

A joint effort

At TU Braunschweig, there is a variety of ways for you to earn a doctorate: as an individual doctoral researcher, under the Structured Doctorate programme, under a doctoral degree programme, or as a student at a Graduate School or Research Training Group. The latter two focus on a specific topic and offer both academic support and the chance to collaborate with other doctoral researchers.

Plasma sputtering in the vacuum chamber
Photo credit: Jonas Vogel/TU Braunschweig
Plasma sputtering in the vacuum chamber

PhD with system

Since 2015, the Graduate Academy GradTUBS has offered interdisciplinary and cross-faculty support on the way to a PhD degree. Its events and continuing training courses are open to all PhD students at TU Braunschweig. The focus is on the development of career-relevant key skills in the areas of communication, careers and prospects, organization and management, skills for scientific research and networking in German or English. In addition, GradTUBS promotes contacts to industry and non-university research institutions.

Graduate Schools and Research Training Groups

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