Selected Projects of the Team

Ongoing Projects:

Preparation for the Excellence Initiative 2025 (since 2023)

The successful submission of two Clusters of Excellence in 2018 by the TU Braunschweig made it possible to be considered as a University of Excellence. The Team Innovation in University Development supported and coordinated the process of the Excellence Initiative as part of the organisational core team. Building on this, the team supports the renewed application as an Excellence University 2025 and, at the same time, the further development and strengthening of the TU Braunschweig.

Project "Initiative Hochschulentwicklung“ [Initiative University Development] 2030 (since 2021)

For the preparation of major projects in the coming years (large collaborative projects, coordinated programmes, excellence award, etc.), the TU Braunschweig is facing the discourse of what constitutes a holistic development of the university and what its vision for 2030 is as a framework for planning further development. On this path of strategic further development of the Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony (Wissenschaftliche Kommission Niedersachsen - WKN) strategy, the Team Innovation in University Development supported and coordinated the central measures in the three project phases and accompanied the entire process. First, a participatory exchange and collection of ideas took place within the faculties, the institutions from the central area and the students. In the next phase, these ideas were reviewed for synergies in future workshops, concretised and a vision was defined. In the final project phase 3, a university development concept for the next five years was fixed with the university departments on the basis of the results of the previous phases. A regular conference on this is currently being established.

Mission Concept Teaching (since 2023)

The Innovation Team is involved in the further development of the principles and goals in the area of study and teaching in a coordinating and advisory capacity and supports the Vice-President in this area. Current challenges such as digitalisation, internationalisation, social and climatic change and the associated changes in learning opportunities have a direct influence on the self-image of the TU Braunschweig. The Team Innovation in University Development completed a survey of all lecturers and students at the TU Braunschweig at the end of 2021, which focused on the design of teaching after the Covid 19 pandemic. All qualitative and quantitative results flow directly into the process of participatory development of a mission statement for teaching, which is coordinated by the team.

KI4ALL and Artificial Intelligence in Teaching (since 2022)

With the successful submission of the joint project "KI4ALL", the team is focusing particularly on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence in Teaching" and is contributing specifically with its expertise within the framework of lectures, study groups and the further development of the topic at the TU Braunschweig.

Project "Interdisciplinary Collaboration“ (since 2022)

The Team Innovation in University Development, working together with the Vice-President for Research and the Vice-President for Organisational Development and the Research Services, has developed a funding programme with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary research collaborations and establishing them permanently at TU Braunschweig. Researchers are to be encouraged to share knowledge and skills and to adopt new perspectives when developing innovative ideas and addressing research questions. In addition to the further development of the individual disciplines across subject boundaries, the science location of the TU Braunschweig is also to be sustainably strengthened and made fit for the future. The team coordinates and accompanies the entire process and was instrumental in conducting the matchmaking workshop. The aim is to firmly incorporate the seedfunding programme at TU Braunschweig. With 30 applications, the first call for proposals met with a positive response.

Project "New Work“ (since 2022)

Increasing the flexibility of work at the TU Braunschweig will fundamentally change firmly established work structures. The Team Innovation in University Development initiates and moderates discussion panels in the various organisational units and faculties with all the important representatives of the employees concerned. The aim here is to exchange experiences on more flexible working time models, to discuss problems that arise and to discuss new ideas on possible ways of designing workplaces and spaces.

Project Digital Skills@work (since 2022)

The Project House, the University Library and the Institute for Business Informatics have developed the academic continuing education programme DigitalSkills@work in a joint project funded by the " Offenen Hochschule Niedersachsen" [Open University of Lower Saxony]. The part-time, online-based further education programme is designed to enable employees to acquire key digital skills (media skills, information skills, technology skills and data literacy) at a flexible time and place. The third party funded project (ESF) was carried out as a pilot project with external participants, evaluated and is certified by the Zentrale Evaluations- und Akkreditierungsagentur Hannover (ZEvA) [Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hanover]. The further education programme is being transferred by the Project House as the university's first micro-degree certificate programme into regular operation at the TU Braunschweig. The Team Innovation in Higher Education Development is leading this process and is now establishing a transferable framework for future micro degree programmes at the TU Braunschweig.

Strategy Development Projects (ongoing)

Nahaufnahme eines Bildschirms

The Team Innovation in Higher Education Development plays a key role in the strategic development of the TU Braunschweig. It is also active in presidential working groups. At the operational level, the team shapes processes through moderation and process management as well as by presenting the results to committees. At the professional level, team members are involved in an advisory capacity in the development processes according to their respective expertise. The Team Innovation is not only involved in the development and writing of strategies (e.g. digitalisation strategies, overall strategy for WKN, etc.), but also develops creative spaces in the form of workshops and other formats for partners within TU Braunschweig (e.g. vision development of the Transfer and Cooperation House).

Project "1000 Professuren“ [1000 Professorships] (current) 

Ein Studierender bei der Arbeit im Labor

The successful implementation of the federal-state programme for the promotion of young academics with 18 additional tenure-track professorships at the TU Braunschweig forms another project of the Team Innovation in University Development. Within the area of responsibility of the Vice-President for Research and Young Academics and the Principal Vice-President, the team is responsible for internal university coordination and external communication. The implementation of the measures takes place in close coordination with the GB1, in particular Department 12, as well as the University Controlling and the Research Service.

Project "Media-Lab" (ongoing) 

Medialab VR

The aim of this project is to create a space for exchange, experimentation and creative design with (new) media and technologies. Here, various teaching-learning scenarios are to be tested and made tangible so that they can later be integrated into active teaching. Furthermore, this learning space should offer the possibility for discourse, events and workshops. The Team Innovation is involved in the development and planning of the Media Lab, especially with regard to the further development of innovative teaching and learning settings.

University-wide Applications:

The Team Innovation in University Development coordinates and develops university-wide applications in special subject areas with teaching relevance on behalf of the Presidential Board. If the respective projects are approved, the Project House takes on an active role in the projects, both in terms of content and in a coordinating manner.

Current (funded) Projects:

  • Joint application (lead) within the framework of the guideline for the federal and sate Initiative for the Promotion of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education (BMBF, 2021). Title: " Ein partizipativer Ansatz zur fachübergreifenden Vermittlung datenzentrierter Methoden- und Anwendungskompetenzen in Hochschulen" [A participatory approach to the interdisciplinary teaching of data-centred methodological and application skills in higher education] - KI4All (funding amount for TU Braunschweig approx. 1.9 million euros).

  • Individual application within the framework of the call for proposals " Hochschullehre durch Digitalisierung stärken" [Strengthening Higher Education Teaching through Digitalisation] (Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre, 2020). Title: "Promoting Digital education through Global Interconnection - ProDiGI" (funding amount approx. 2.3 million euros)

  • Joint application (lead) within the framework of the call for proposals " Hochschullehre durch Digitalisierung stärken " [Strengthening Higher Education Teaching through Digitisation] (Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education, 2020) Title: Co³Learn - innovative digitale Kooperation für das Lehren und Lernen " [Co³Learn - Innovative Digital Cooperation for Teaching and Learning] (total funding for the joint project approx. 3.4 million euros)

  • Individual application for the umbrella initiative Niedersachsen (ongoing)

  • Joint application for the umbrella initiative Niedersachsen (ongoing)

Individual application as part of the "Freiraum" [open space] initiative on the topic of Education for Sustainable Development (applied for 2023)

Completed Projects:

Project „Bewerbung als Exzellenzuniversität“[Application as University of Excellence] (2018)

we move

The application of the TU Braunschweig to become an Excellence University in 2018 and the inspection by the review panel in 2019 form one of the most prominent common moments in the recent history of the TU Braunschweig. They are also the founding project of the Team Innovation in Higher Education Development in the Project House. The team was responsible for the overall organisation of the process, from the generation of ideas to the submission of applications to the approval of the reviewers, as an always participatory procedure of the entire TU Braunschweig in an active project construction. 

Project "Potenzialanalyse" [Potential analysis]2030 (2020)

Potentialanalyse 2030

In 2020, the Wissenschaftliche Kommission Niedersachsen [Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony] (WKN) asked all of Lower Saxony's universities for an overall strategy for the next ten years as well as a strategy for the further and new development of Clusters of Excellence, in order to collectively carry out a potential analysis of Lower Saxony's science system. The team was responsible for the conception, coordination and moderation of the associated process, which involved the committees of the TU Braunschweig and more than 100 members in various thematic working groups, and provided thematic input at various points.

Project "Flexible Arbeit" [Flexible Work] (01.10.2021 – 28.02.2023)

Flexibles Arbeiten

In the course of the digital transformation, the world of work and employees' demands on working conditions are changing significantly ("New Work"). This process was made visible and accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic. Led by the main vice-president, the Team Innovation in University Development together with Business Unit 1 supported the project "Flexible Arbeit" [flexible work] under the premise of how possible new forms of work can be developed at TU Braunschweig through the reorganisation of working hours/processes, through new concepts of spatial organisation (e.g. co-working) and through technological innovations. This process was jointly designed, tested and evaluated with strong co-determination of the respective employees. An additional scientific study showed which diversity- and demand-oriented scenarios could be considered for working at the TU Braunschweig and how these could be implemented.

Project "We Care" (Winter Semester 2020) 

WeCare Logo

At the beginning of the pandemic, the "WeCare" platform was set up at TU Braunschweig as contact point for institutions and companies to coordinate requests for support and to get involved as a university in dealing with the crisis. At the same time, the platform promoted the many decentralised help services and project ideas from the university, brought together requests and offers, clarified and secured the legal and organisational framework and coordinated networking with other initiatives and partners in the city and region. The project team, led by the President, consisted of the President's Office, the Communication and Press Service, the "Sandkasten" and the Team Innovation in University Development, which took over the coordination of the overall project. The platform has now been taken over into regular operation by the "Sandkasten" team.

Projects Related to the Special Situation Covid 19 Pandemic in Teaching and Studying (2020-2022) 

Erstsemester On-Boarding

The short-term transition to digital teaching due to the pandemic brought various challenges, which the entire Project House and the Team Innovation in University Development in particular actively helped to solve in various projects. Among other things, the digital on-boarding of first-semester students was designed, coordinated and implemented, the experiences of teaching staff and students with the digital semester were collected and evaluated, and the introduction of the electronic examination software was accompanied and subsequently evaluated. The experiences from the digital semesters in 2020 and 2021 were evaluated among the teaching staff and students in order to be able to draw conclusions for the future development of study and teaching and to prepare the TU Braunschweig for the future.