Press Releases

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Get active: The more comprehensible and the more interesting your formulation is, the higher is the chance that your press release will be selected for media coverage.

Tips for successful press releases

You should limit the content to a central topic and write a maximum of one page.

You should only report on facts relevant to the content and formulate them objectively and precisely.

You should name some concise facts and figures and explain their size and relevance with the help of clear comparisons.

Please formulate in active language.

Please provide complete personal data (first name, surname, function, most important title).

To make a press release more interesting and personal, you can include quotations. In addition, references to everyday life make the text more lively and can help to present abstract topics and complex circumstances in an understandable way. Please avoid unusual formulations and evaluations. These are the responsibility of the media.

Avoid technical terms and write out abbreviations. If you cannot prevent the use of technical terms, explain them. You should not string too many facts and figures together, but limit the scope of the press release to the most important content and data relating to the topic.

Communicating Science

You will find helpful information on how to interact with the media in our flyers about communicating science.

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