LehrLeo for the seminar Computer Chemistry

[Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie]

The seminar Computer Chemistry of Prof. Christoph Jacob, Dr. Mario Wolter and Felix Brandt was awarded the LehrLeo for the best seminar on 5.5.20.

The participants in the seminar on computational chemistry work on their own research projects with a high level of research and practical relevance. In the "Computational Chemistry Research Lab", which was supported by funds from the innovation program "Good Teaching", students are enabled to test computational chemistry methods more independently than before. Online elements, computer exercises and 3D-printed models were used to accompany the students' own research work. The new module concept has already been extensively discussed and evaluated with the students.

The student jury rated the intensive supervision by the teaching staff as very positive, and the evaluators praised, among other things, the integration with related disciplines in chemistry, the focus on research-based learning and the diverse use of media.