The Team

Head of the Project House

Teamfoto: Othmer, Julius

Othmer, Julius

Julius Othmer has been responsible for the domain “Study and Teaching” at the TU Braunschweig since 2015. Applied media theory, digitalisation as a media-cultural transformation process, agile learning settings as well as hybrid teaching and learning rooms are several points of focus of his work so far. Julius Othmer is a Digital Learning Transfer Fellow with the “Stifterverband” [Donors' Association] and is a Peer for the “Hochschulforum Digitalisierung” [Higher Education Forum on Digitalisation], where he advises universities in their strategic deliberations in the field of education in a digital word.    

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Deputy Managing Director of the Project House | Team Leader Teaching and Media Education

Teamfoto: Piep, Jasmin

Piep, Jasmin

Jasmin Piep is deputy managing director of the Project House and heads the Teaching and Media Education team as well as various projects at the [hive]. She is an educational scientist (Dipl.-Päd.) and coordinates the range of qualification, advice and support opportunities and manages the certificate programme Basis Hochschullehre [Basic University Teaching]. Jasmine is a systemic therapist and consultant. She and has many years of experience as a trainer and lecturer in university settings and media didactic qualification and process support. She also has experience in advising academic staff in the field of teaching and professional practice. Jasmine Piep is active in various state-wide networks and brings inspiration for cross-university cooperation to TU Braunschweig.

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Management Assistance

Teamfoto: Nebel, Fabienne

Nebel, Fabienne

Fabienne Nebel is an office manager and has been working in the Project House since 2019 as a team and business assistant. She completed her education in business and office management in July 2019 at the TU Braunschweig in the designated office for Communications and Press Service. She subsequently joined the Project House and took on the management assistant position.

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Teamfoto: Scheiner, Jan-Philipp

Scheiner, Jan-Philipp

Jan-Philipp completed his training as an office manager in the accounting department of the Institute for Electrical Machines, Traction and Drives. Following his training, he stayed at IMAB for another year and was then employed in the enrolment office and the budget department. Since 2021, Jan has overseen the two STIHL-funded projects ProDigI and Co³-Learn.

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The Team

Teamfoto: Platzhalter, Foto folgt

Bahl, Carina

Carina Bahl is site coordinator for TU Braunschweig in the KI4ALL project.

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Teamfoto: Domann, Sophie

Dr. Domann, Sophie

Dr. Sophie Domann holds a PhD in educational science and has been working in the Project House since September 2021. She is part of the [hive] and works as a coordinator for the Co³Learn project. In addition, she supports and participates in the processes of student collaboration in digital, hybrid and analogue teaching-learning settings. Her work involves analysing the application and modification of innovations in higher education didactics in teaching practice by using student feedback. Previously, she worked in the field of teaching and research in social and organisational pedagogy and has expertise in the areas of participatory teaching, digitalisation and higher education didactics.

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Teamfoto: Hanft, Chris

Hanft, Chris

Chris Hanft is a project coordinator for the KI4ALL project, a collaboration between Technische Universität Braunschweig, Technische Universität Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the project is to make the topic of artificial intelligence and its implementation in higher education more accessible. As an economist (M.A.), Chris is an expert in strategic management and innovation management and has been working in the Project House as part of the [hive] since 2022. He has professional experience in auditing and as an accounting which he brings to the organisation and in the implementation of the joint project.

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Teamfoto: Mayer, Veronika

Mayer, Veronika

Veronika Mayer is a media scientist (M.A.) and has been working at the Project House since 2015. She is part of the [hive]. Veronika's work focuses on online-based teaching and learning. From a didactic-technical perspective, she deals with the strategic as well as future-oriented further development of teaching-learning platforms. She is responsible for the Stud.IP support team and accompanies teachers in the implementation of pilot projects with the teaching platform of the TU Braunschweig. Before joining the Project House, she taught in the field of gender studies.

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Teamfoto: Miller, Insa

Miller, Insa

Insa Miller is a media scientist and anglicist (M.A.) and has been working on the Digital Skills@Work project since 2020. She is part of the [hive] and the Teaching and Media Education team. Insa's work focuses on designing further training for professionals as well as advising teachers on the use of online tools in teaching. Before her studies, she worked in public relations as a trained digital and print media designer.

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Teamfoto: Möller, Sira

Möller, Sira

Sira Möller studied Cultural and Theatre Studies (M.A.) and has been coordinating the Green Office at the TU Braunschweig since December 2021. She is responsible for increasing educational opportunities on sustainability regarding the sustainable development of the TU Braunschweig. Her role in the team of the Green Office also includes acting as a contact point for all issues relating to this topic at the TU Braunschweig. Previously, she worked in the field of education for sustainable development and has experience in sustainability and climate change communication. She also works as a freelance artist in the field of performance and theatre.


Teamfoto: Preuß, Philipp

Preuß, Philipp

Philipp Preuß is a media scientist (M.A.) and has been working at the Project House since 2016. He is part of the teaching and media education team and the [hive]. At the interface of both teams, he deals with the development and implementation of media-based teaching and learning. Philipp is the contact person for media didactic issues and for the use of digital tools.

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Teamfoto: Scarcella, Anna

Scarcella, Anna

Anna Scarcella is a linguist and communication scientist (M.A., with a focus on intercultural and institutional communication) and has been working at the Project House since October 2021. She is part of the [hive] and works in the Co3Learn project. Her work is characterised by her expertise in the fields of academic communication and communication in (digital) teaching-learning processes as well as her extensive experience in university teaching and research.

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Teamfoto: Schäfer, Sabrina

Schäfer, Sabrina

Sabrina Schäfer is a giftedness researcher and competence developer (M.A.) and has been working in the Project House since September 2021. She is part of the Co³Learn team and works in didactics and as a community manager. Before joining the Project House, she worked for an e-learning start-up. Sabrina has been contributing her expertise in the fields of media and cognitive psychology and human-machine interaction to the project.

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Teamfoto: Sölter, Kimberly

Sölter, Kimberly

Kimberly Sölter is a media designer (digital and print) and has been working in the Digital Skills@Work project of the [hive] since 2021. The project aims to teach digital skills to employees online. Kim's work focuses on design and concept development. Through her previous work, she has several years of experience in web design and social media marketing and brings her expertise to her training.


Teamfoto: Weigel, Ken

Weigel, Ken

Ken Weigel is a psychologist (M.Sc.) and part of the Team Innovation in University Development. In this role he supports the Executive Board in tasks along strategic fields of action of TU Braunschweig. He accompanies innovative projects from conception, through the acquisition of third-party funding, to the implementation with the project partners and the evaluation of the results. His focus is on the interaction of various factors in socio-technical systems, New Work Approaches and agile methods and the psychological side of teaching and learning, especially game-based learning.

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Student Assistants

Paul Can Atlama, Jan Becker, Jennifer Beuse, Emily Brockmann, Lisa Claus, Melissa Dietrich, Julian Dukalski, Amy Ellinghaus, Thorben Froböse, Sebastian Galla, Mia Gutschalk, Jule Noria Himstedt, Miglio Krajewski, May Magri, Antonia Müller, Jendrik Raddatz, Anne Scheler, Lukas Schultz, Melissa Steiniger, Vanessa Weidemann, Lucie Werner, Timo Wyszynski