About us

Außenansicht des Projekthauses


▹ The Project House discovers, designs and implements solutions for central challenges in strategic fields of action of the TU Braunschweig - from idea generation to their potential university-wide use.

▹ Our current fields of action are: teaching development and learning, digitalisation and future skills, change and innovation.


▹ We have precise methods / competences / techniques.
 ▹ We work in an agile / collaborative / focused / goal-oriented manner.
 ▹ We organise ourselves in a competence-oriented and independent manner in flexible and flat hierarchies.
 ▹ We practice introspection-led innovation and see the project house as a dynamic, living lab.
 ▹ We implement our ideas early and quickly into prototypes.

 ▹ We understand mistakes as part of our work culture and learn from them.