Special Events for teaching staff: Webinars and recordings

The project group Teaching and Media Education developed a special webinar programme in order to respond appropriately to the new challenges of teaching. The webinars are held in German, but questions in English are always welcome. Registration is now open.

Webinar programme

We cordially invite you to participate in our webinars. We are continuously expanding the programme. Please register using the form below so that we can plan the event in advance. Thanks a lot! 

From now on we start to provide you with recordings of the webinars here:

to the records

Current programme

The current programme is not translated and can be viewed on the German website. You can also register there.

Notes and FAQ for participation

Webinar recordings

Since the webinars are held in German, all recordings are in German as well.

Please note that you have to log in to Stud.IP to view the content.
Courseware in Stud.IP to record
Data protection and copyright in digital teaching (no start) to record
Create screencasts with Camtasia to record
Screencasts for Starters to record
Create screencasts using PowerPoint and Camtasia to record
Self-tests and exercise courses with ViPS to record
Design seminars online to record
Stud.IP for Starters to record
Video/audio/screencast consultation hour to record
Video conferences with BigBlueButton to record
Design lectures online to record
Conduct and record webinars in Stud.IP to record