Design teaching digitally: Consultations and meetings

As a teacher you are in contact with your students not only during lectures, exercise courses or seminars, but also during consultations and meetings. These forms of exchange can also be organised online. On this page we show you how to make documents available, organise online collaboration and hold web conferences.

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Callback service

If you have individual support requests, we will be more than happy to call you back and identify possible solutions together. Please use the form on the German website and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Share documents, files and videos online

Provide teaching-learning documents and files

During team meetings or individual consultations session, it may be necessary to share or provide data files and documents. You can use the cloud storage service provided by the TU Braunschweig as well as the file area that is found inside ​​your Stud.IP course or your personal file area in the profile.

Provide videos in Stud.IP

You can also use Stud.IP for videos and screencasts that you would like to make available to students in a counseling situation or for collaborative meetings. You can find more information in the introductory course "How to: Videos in Stud.IP"

Contact persons:


Provision of teaching and learning literature (UB)

Preferably use digital licenses for literature (especially eBooks, including textbooks) that you find in the catalogue. If literature is not yet digitally available, please contact the University Library team:


They will then try to acquire appropriate digital licences at short notice. If no corresponding licensing is possible, we will provide you with targeted scans of printed literature (as far as copyright permits).

(A)synchronous communication with students

Organise online collaboration

A number of free and easy-to-use tools are available for interaction with and between students. An introduction, also to didactics, can be found in our webinar "Collaborative Working with Online Tools" below.

Freely available tools :

  • OnlyOffice in Cloudstorage der TU Braunschweig

  • Collaborative work using virtual whiteboards with Miro

  • Working together on documents with Cryptpad

Communicate synchronously with students: Conduct and record webinars and video conferences

Conduct webinars and video conferences

Webinars are attendance courses in which you can enter into direct exchange with your students. They are well suited for lectures with presentations, e.g. in the form of a lecture, a tutorial or an exercise. With additional functions such as a chat function, video function (webcam access for all or only for selected participants), small work groups and virtually writable whiteboards, they offer a wide range of interaction options with and between the students. Webinars are also well suited for student presentations.

BigBlueButton (BBB) ​​is suitable for events with up to 150 participants; for larger events, please use Cisco WebEx.

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