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Employability and academic opportunities

KTW graduates act within all sorts of professional areas that require knowledge of "both cultures", e.g. academic teaching and research, media, marketing, archive management, librarianship, the publishing sector, business and political consultancy, research management, etc. The KTW Master degree even qualifies you to earn a doctorate in the disciplines of English Studies, German Studies, History, and Philosophy (each with an interdisciplinary and cultural scientific orientation).


The efficient and practice-oriented KTW Master program is supported by a mentoring program that points to possible professional fields after the KTW Master. By sharing personal and strategic experiences from their professional life, the mentors support KTW students in developing their individual career path. Already while studying the KTW Master program, students are encouraged to explore potential professional fields and to create job-related networks. During an internship with one of the co-operating partners in the mentoring program, the KTW students can gain first experiences in professional life. The mentoring program is backed up by an alumni network.

Co-operations partners within the mentoring program:

Nachwuchs F6

KTW students who intend to earn a doctorate in English Studies, German Studies, History, or Philosophy have the opportunity to join the interdisciplinary lecture series Nachwuchs F6 of the Faculty for Humanities and Educational Sciences. There, they can get to know the research projects of other young academics; moreover, they are offered the possibility to present their own projects and gain experience within an academic environment.

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