Information Technologies for Social Good (IT4Good)


Study programmes


  • (IST) Informations-Systemtechnik: Wahlbereich Communications Engineering - Communication Networks, Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (WET) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik: Grundlagen Ingenieurwissenschaften und Vertiefung Elektrotechnik (Wahl)
  • (INF) Informatik: Nebenfach Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)


  • (ET) Elektrotechnik: Wahlbereich Kommunikationstechnik - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (WET) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik: Wahlbereich Kommunikationstechnik - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (IST) Informations-Systemtechnik: Wahlbereich Communications Engineering - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (INF) Informatik: Nebenfach Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)


This class is designed for students who are interested in studying the successful deployments and the potential use of information technologies in various topics that are essential for social good, including but not limited to disaster management, broadband and digital divide, social resilience, privacy, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare. After completion of this module the students own deep knowledge about topical research subjects in this area. They are able to analyze, assess and design upcoming systems and their respective components.

NOTE: This is an advanced class, which is all in English, including the class material. Class participants must understand basics of communication networks, must speak English and be able to read and understand advanced technical material in English. The classes are interactive, based on discussions and team research and project work. The discussions are technical, and verbal and writing skills in English are essential. This is not the class where a student can learn basics about networks, or work on his/her language skills. Assignments and Projects are possible and depend on the number of students in the class. All assignments, projects and presentations will be in English.

Topics in SoSe 2020

  • Technologies for Disaster Prediction, Detection and Management

  • Information Technology Systems for Management of Floods

  • Low Bandwidth Communication in Early Warning and Response Systems for Disease Outbreak

  • IT for Fake News
  • AI for Animal’s Pain Management

  • AI for Understanding the Behaviour of Animals

  • Technologies for Plastic Waste Management

  • Sensor Networks for Improving Animals’ Safety

  • Intelligent supply chains against global outbreaks


Include latest reserach papers, tutorials, open source software and industrial standards

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