Broadband Communications

  • Lecturer:  Prof. Dr. techn. Admela Jukan
  • Semester:    Summer semester
  • Credits: 5 Credits
  • Language: English
  • Exam: oral exam


Bachelor students

  • (IST) Informations-Systemtechnik: Wahlbereich Communications Engineering - Communication Networks, Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (INF) Informatik: Nebenfach Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (WET) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik: Grundlagen Ingenieurwissenschaften und Vertiefung Elektrotechnik (Wahl)

Master students

  • (ET) Elektrotechnik: Wahlbereich Kommunikationstechnik - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (WET) Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik: Wahlbereich Kommunikationstechnik - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (IST) Informations-Systemtechnik: Wahlbereich Communications Engineering - Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)
  • (INF) Informatik: Nebenfach Kommunikationsnetze (Wahl)

Kommunikationsnetze (Communication Networks); optional but highly recommended: Internet lab


The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of the principles of ultra-high bandwith and high performance networks. The broadband Internet of today emerged from the traditional telecommunications networks; today, broadband networks serve not only the next generation access, metro and fiber technologies but also high speed Ethernet, Sofware Defined NEtworks (SDN) and networks for cloud and super-computing. Broadband networks can use various transmission media (fiber, free space) and are designed to support many different services, ranging from video conferencing, to scientific and entertainment services. These issues will be dealt with in the course. In addition, the course will briefly cover the underlying concepts of the wireless broadband networks, and expose the research problems within. The course project will explore latest network technologies, discuss the corresponding network control and management, and address methods to analyse and simulate broadband networks.

NOTE: This is an advanced class, which is all in English, including the class material. Class participants must understand basics of communication networks, must speak English and be able to read and understand advanced technical material in English. The classes are interactive, based on discussions and team research and project work. The discussions are technical, and verbal and writing skills in English are essential. This is NOT the class where a student can learn basics about networks, or learn English and work on his/her language skills.

Material and Textbooks

  • Include latest reserach papers, tutorials and industrial standards
  • B. Mukherjee: Optical WDM Networks, Kluwer Publishers, 2007
  • B. Bing: All in a Broadband Wireless Access Network: A Comprehensive Workbook on the Next Wireless Revolution, 2005


  • Principles of broadband communications
  • Fiber networks: architectures and protocols
  • Optical control plane
  • Carrier-grade Ethernet
  • Optical broadband access
  • Sofware Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Wireless broadband networks
  • Hybrid/optical and wireless broadband networks
  • Physical layer security in broadband networks

Assignments and Projects
Are possible and depend on the number of students in the class. All assignments, projects and presentations will be in English.

Contact: For any questions send an email to a.jukan(at)