Software reliability and functional safety

Qualification goals

This lecture fulfills the requirements specified in VDI Guideline 4002-6 "Software Reliability".

Deaths and injuries in traffic accidents, recalls by almost all automobile manufacturers, seemingly incalculable project cost increases - can complex technical projects still be planned today? This lecture will discuss the reasons for the difficulties in the development of complex technical systems, which have also received much attention in the press. The progress in information and communication technology and its use for the implementation of safety-critical functions, as well as increased normative requirements play an essential role in this context. Current examples from the aviation, automotive and railway sectors are examined.


  • Aspects of developing reliable software as an essential component of complex, especially safety-critical systems
  • Specification, implementation and testing in practice
  • SW reliability and its relation to functional safety at the system level
  • Implementation of the normative requirements for functional safety in practice
  • The relationship between SW reliability, functional safety, safety case management and approval requirements
  • Digital control systems