The Trouble-Ticket-System (TTS) is a database-supported software product with which service requests, inquiries, fault reports etc. are received at the Gauß-IT-Zentrum and, if necessary, forwarded to our second-level support. Those requests are either received via our contact e-mail address the IT-Service-Desk or the customer interface. A request remains open in the system until it is resolved and closed by either party. The inquiring party will be informed by the Gauß-IT-Zentrum that the request has been closed. A TTS has tools to statistically evaluate requests in order to learn from incidents and improve the service on this basis.

Users are able to contact the IT Service Desk in the usual manner: via e-mail, customer interface, telephone (55555) or personal visit. E-mails to our various e-mail addresses are automatically sent as requests to the TTS. In all other cases, the IT-Service-Desk creates a ticket for the user. Tickets are assigned a unique ticket number automatically. This ticket number is inserted in the subject line during e-mail communication with the TTS and should therefore not be changed. Any further communication to a request (additional requests, responses, etc.) is assigned based on that ticket number. This results in a complete protocol of the request.

All members of the TU Braunschweig, be it members of staff or faculty, resarchers, leacturers or students that are registered in our database are considered valid users of this system. The TTS accesses this information via our directory service LDAP. Therefor it is required to use the assigned personal e-mail address (i.e. in order to send requests via e-mail or sign in to the customer interface with the corresponding userid. As a result this personal information is used to facilitate the communication process. Private or 3rd party e-mail adresses are currently not verifiable or assignable to a member of the university and therefor ineligible for service requests.

Customer interface for the trouble ticket system