printing costs

Record and bill the printouts

To ensure that supply is used for printing and plotting in a meaningful way, the Gauß-IT-Centre raises the charges for all printed materials. They serve as a regulatory, and are relatively low and essentially cover the cost of materials.

The websites for the cost of printing can offer a comprehensive overview of your account balance as well as the print jobs generated by them and their cost. In particular, you can find out all about your printing costs account and how the whole process works and what the printouts cost.

As user, i.e. as student or institute-employee, you can view your account

  • with all expenses and payments-in, which control account of your print jobs and thus track your account balance completely.

  • If required, switch over to individual payment from payment by the institute (only as institute-employee).

As DV-coordinator, you can

  • request the creation of a printing account for your institution.

  • accept all accounts of your institute or your department (also the accounts for computer).

  • grant your staff members permissions to use the accounts of your institution, change or revoke the permissions to these accounts.

Please, address in a timely manner to the

  • IT-Service-Desk in your vicinity, if you determine

  • or want to complain about printouts, that printers or plotters doesn't work properly.

Further information (available in german only):

From 01.04.2011, students are provided with a Zuschuss amount of € 15.00 per semester in their printing accounts.

Please note: The Semester-Zuschuss is bound to the respective semester, thus cannot be transferred to a subsequent semester. Unused Zuschuss amounts expire at the end of each semester.

The next charging takes place at the following dates:

01.10.2015, 01.04.2016, ...