tubs-guest configuration page

Wi-Fi access for guests of institutions

The Gauss - IT - Center provides a self-service interface for institutes and institutions for the generation of wireless LAN guest accounts. The self-service interface enables the DV-Koordinator of each institute or institution to generate personalized temporary guest user IDs for the wireless LAN with the SSID tubs-guest. DV-Koordinatoren manage and generate these accounts via this interface:

tubs-guest.tu-braunschweig.de Only if you are DV coordinator of an institution or facility , you can login. The operation of the self-service interface is self-explanatory. In addition, we provide a guide which explains how to use the web interface here: doku.rz.tu-bs.de/doku.php If you are a guest at our university, please ask the DV-Koordinator of your institute or institution for guest wireless LAN access. Another way is the use of eduroam. If your home institution participates in the eduroam community, then you can use eduroam at our university with your user credentials and the usual configuration of your home institution. The Gauss - IT - Center does not provide guest user IDs, please ask your DV-Koordinator.