Book Classroom

The Gauß-IT-Zentrum offers event rooms both in Hans-Sommer-Straße 65 and on the central campus (Pockelsstraße). The rooms (e.g. HS 65.1 to 4, PK4.5, PK 4.8) are fully equipped with computers.  Linux and Windows are currently available as operating systems. Rooms for lectures are booked via the HIS system LSF ( There you can also view the current occupancy of the rooms without logging in.

For bookings outside of recurring lectures (exams, individual events, etc.) we provide an Online form. This form requests important parameters about the rooms. This is to avoid time-consuming inquiries and to enable a more prompt booking.



In principle, events lasting several weeks in the seminar rooms have priority over individual appointments within the semester.

The lab rooms are primarily used for the courses of the Gauss IT Center during the lecture-free period.