book classroom

There are several changes during the entry space in the GITZ with the entering of the "new" Stud.IP-Systems.

Please, direct your queries in the future: gitz-raumbuchung(at)

We will accept the already done Stud.IP effected entries in the new systems with a time delay. Space requests for courses can be found on future HIS-LSF by the lesson planner. In all other cases, please use the mentioned Email-address. By synchronizing between HIS-LSF and Stud.IP it will be necessary for a time to follow this path for events outside the teaching activities.


Basically, events of several weeks in the seminar room have within the term priority before individual appointments.

The practical work rooms HS65.1 and HS65.2 are used in the semester break prior to the course of the Gauß-IT-Centre.