Internationalisation of the Administration

Improving service quality for international members of the TU Braunschweig

The project

In any active culture of welcome, centralised and decentralised administrative processes are of vital importance. To improve the quality of support provided and to raise awareness about the needs of an international target group, we have developed a set of measures for advancing the internationalisation of TU Braunschweig’s administration, which includes the areas of personnel development and increasing the international experience background, improving orientation and the general increase in service quality.

Project term

  • Planning phase: November 2015 – October 2016
  • Implementation phase: November 2016 – June 2018
  • Permanent adoption and further development from June 2018 onwards

Responsible for the project

Information about background, implementations status, cooperations and participating units are only accessible for members of the TU Braunschweig. Please log in with your TU-Login or Y-Number.

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