The internationalisation process at the TU Braunschweig received a decisive impulse through the participation in the HRK audit “Internationalisation of Universities” and has been continuously developed ever since.

Current activities

Since December 2018: International House strategic development

The concept and organisation of the International House are being developed during interdepartmental workshops. In 2020, all the departments of the International House should have relocated to a single location at Bültenweg 74/75.

April – September 2018: Founding of the International House

To further strengthen TU Braunschweig’s internationalisation and make the best use of synergies, the university considers the organisational combination of the International Office, the Language Centre, and the Research Service and EU Office in a single unit: the International House. The heads of the three concerned administrative departments develop a joint concept and submit it to the Internationalisation Committee. In September 2018, the Executive Board decides to establish the International House, entrusting Heinrich Schwabecher with its management and further strategic and organisational development.


The re-audit process: Planning and implementation of measures

The HRK’s “Internationalisation of Universities” audit: Analysis and recommendation report