Coronavirus: Information for international students

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Corona-specific regulations at TU Braunschweig

You can find all important information concerning studying at TU Braunschweig under corona conditions here:

Information for Students.

Please contact Tanja Filipp if you have any questions about corona-specific regulations at TU Braunschweig or need further information about entry regulations or test/vaccination certificates: t.filipp(at)

Please note the following information before arrival:

Entry and Quarantine Regulations

Due to the global corona pandemic, special entry and quarantine regulations currently apply in Germany. These depend on the current infection situation and can therefore change quickly. Please check if your country of origin is listed as a risk area before you arrive.

List of risk areas (German)

Please note that this list can change daily and check it immediately before you start your trip to Germany. Please note that possible visa or travel restrictions related to the Corona Pandemic may complicate and delay your start of studies at the TU Braunschweig.

If you are coming from a risk area you are obligated to register your entry digitally:

Digital Registration on Entry

If you have to stay under quarantine depends on your country of origin, your vaccination status and the vaccine.

Vaccines from countries outside of Europe

Quarantine regulations

The winter semester will be a semester in presence. However, big lectures with more than 100 participants have to take place online. Therefor please remember to bring a laptop with internet access to follow those courses online. The laptop should preferably also have a camera and a microphone.


Please note that it is not only obligatory to wear mouth and nose covers at airports and railway stations, but also when travelling by train or public transport in Braunschweig. In addition, please always keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters to fellow humans.

Contact with the foreigners department and new legal provisions on residence permits

  • The Braunschweig Foreigners Authority can be contacted at any time by e-mail, but not by telephone. Also the open consultation hours are not taking place at the moment. Due to the high number of enquiries, you must expect to receive an answer only after a few days. Please wait and do not write several e-mails to different clerks.
  • Please send your application for the extension of your residence permit together with the necessary documents by e-mail to the ForeigenersDepartment. You will then receive a reply as to whether the documents are complete and also an appointment.
  • The Braunschweig Foreigners Department has recently reopened for those who have an appointment there. Please be punctual. There is a security service which controls the entrance.
  • If your residence permit is about to expire, but you are currently abroad and cannot enter due to the entry ban, it is possible to apply for a fictional certificate by e-mail. This is not possible if you have already been abroad for more than six months or if your residence permit has expired in the meantime.
  • In principle, the Foreigners Department takes into account pandemic-related delays in study progress when extending residence permits.

If you have any questions about your personal situation or would like to make an appointment with the Foreigners Department in advance, you can contact the team at the Incoming Office at any time.

How can you enrol?

If you have received admission for your study course, you can now enrol at the university. You should have received an e-mail with all relevant information on the enrolment procedure. Please contact us via e-mail at international(at) in case you want to enrol. Don´t forget your application number. You will then be sent all necessary documents. We will make every effort to guarantee your enrolment in time for a successful start of your studies. Please note that the summer semester 2020 will start as an online semester on 20 April.

If you have a blocked account with a German bank

If you want to withdraw money from your blocked account, please note that banks currently only allow customers to enter their branches individually due to the high risk of infection. To avoid long waiting times at the door, please make an appointment with your bank.

If you believe that you may have been infected with Corona

In any case, please stay at home and contact your doctor or the emergency service of the statutory health insurance by phone on 116117, where you will be informed about how to proceed and what further steps will be taken to find out whether you are actually infected.

Under no circumstances should you go directly to a doctor's practice or hospital. You could spread the virus further and risk endangering other people who may be weakened by previous illnesses.

Doctors with good English and other foreign language skills can be found here:

Medical Directory of the State of Lower Saxony

The database is only available in German language. You can find an English manual for use here:

Englisch Manual for the Medical Directory

Support for questions and problems

For all problems and questions about the current situation, Dott. Francesco Ducatelli is available to you by e-mail at any time: