Welcome Week: ESN Welcome Party

20 October 2023, 22:00 - 21 October 2023, 02:30 [Welcome Week]

Together with you the ESN Braunschweig celebrates the beginning of the new semester in this legendary party night.

The motto of the party is "International Flag Party". What does that mean? Show your home/favorite country, paint a flag on your cheek and celebrate the start of the semester together with many other students!

You don't have any colors? No problem! Visit the flag painting station and get painted for free.

Please register here

Important info:

  •  With the online ticket you get after your registration, you have to be at the party before midnight. If you want to come after 0 o'clock, you have to pick up your admission wristband from us! We will inform you about the pick-up location in time by e-mail.
  • If you cannot show your wristband at the entrance after midnight, you will have to pay the entrance fee again! If you are unsure, email us at braunschweig@esn-germany.de or PN us on Instagram.
  • There may be a photographer present to take pictures that will be posted on the ESN Instagram page and the ESN homepage. If you don't want to be in the pictures, keep your distance from the photographer or speak to him/her directly.