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The IGS - Institute for Building Services and Energy Design at the Technical University of Braunschweig handleas the entire spectrum of energy and climatic design in buildings. The main areas of activity are building technology, edificial physics as well as passive and active usage of solar energy for residential and office buildings. Along with new buildings, the restoration of existing buildings takes center stage.

Professor Dr.-Ing. M. Norbert Fisch has been the director of the IGS since 1996. The focus and "philosophy" of the IGS is the integral planning of buildings while taking all relevant aspects of energy consumption and occupant comfort into account.
A team of around 25 staff members works on innovative solutions in fields like edificial physics, heating, cooling, air conditioning and renewable energies. The research and development of new concepts, systems and components of innovative architecture are operated by computer-aided simulations, experimental investigations in the institute's laboratory, as well as realization and validation in practice. At the same time, the IGS cooperates in many projects with other research establishments and companies from commerce and industry. Appropriations are provided by, among others, the German Federal Environmental Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor as well as other institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany. Work results are immediately expanded into the institute's curriculum. In addition to lectures for basics and current topics, the IGS offers a simulation laboratory for the students, in which the possibilities of practical software for integral building planning can be experienced instantly.

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