Clemens Müller M. Sc.

Clemens Müller M. Sc.
Room 1.09a / ICTV

Curriculum vitae

2018-dato Research assistant at ICTV
2017 Master thesis: “ Influence of the pressurization step on the supercritical drying of aerogels – a mathematical model”
2014-2017 Master studies: Process engineering at TU Hamburg
2016 Exchange Student at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria Valparaíso (Chile)
2014 Bachelor thesis: “Influence of additives on Tergitol 15-S-7 Cloud Point extraction from microalgae “
2010-2014 Bachelor studies: Process engineering at TU Hamburg

Research project

  • AIF-ZIM VDI/VDE project:  reform-2-rePET- Development of continuous crystallization processes.
  • BMBF-project: revolPET - Development of a recycling technology for PET containing multilayer plastics and other compounds

Supervised courses

  • Educational lab “phase equilibria“
  • Lecture “Fundamentals of thermal separation processes“

Publications (selection)

  • Racheva, R., Rahlf, A.,Wenzel, D., Müller, C., Kerner, Luinstra, G., Smirnova, I., Aqueous food-grade and cosmetic-grade surfactant systems for the continuous countercurrent cloud point extraction, Separation and Purification Technology 202, 76-85, 2018.

Conference contributions (selection)

  • Müller, C., Franke-Hameke, D., Eichert, C., Scholl, S.: “Terephthalic acid precipitation from real polyethylene terephthalate waste”, ProcessNet-Fachgruppentreffen Kristallisation, Dortmund, Germany, 16.03.-18.03.2022
  • Müller, C., Heck, C., Eichert, C., Scholl, S.: “Precipitation of terephthalic acid after alkaline hydrolysis of polyethylene terephthalate”, ProcessNet-Fachgruppentreffen Kristallisation, Online-event, Germany, 18.03.-19.03.2021